Report Disability Fraud Anonymously

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Report Disability Fraud Anonymously. You can also report to them anonymously by sending a letter here: You may report fraud anonymously, but the oig website notes that such anonymity can limit its ability to thoroughly conduct an investigation.

Scam Awareness Office Of The Inspector General Ssa
Scam Awareness Office Of The Inspector General Ssa from
At regions, we are committed to helping you protect yourself from fraud. If you report anonymously, then ssa will not be able to contact you. Who to contact to report disability fraud?

The best way to report fraud is to submit a fraud reporting form online.

Disability fraud is a serious crime, so before you file a report, make sure you understand how federal disability programs work. In order to report a fraudulent disability claim, it is important to understand the operating process of federal disability programs. To report suspected social security disability fraud, contact the social security administration's office of the inspector general. You cannot be assured that your identity will be protected, but you can report fraud anonymously.