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To ensure a fair and efficient tax system, a level playing field must be maintained for all taxpayers.

Report Benefit Fraud Gateshead. The department of unemployment assistance's (dua) top priority is to protect unemployment claimants and make sure money disbursed through the system is going to valid unemployment claims. To successfully report benefit fraud, you will need sufficient information so that the authorities can perform an investigation.

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Unitedhealthcare offers multiple ways to report health care fraud, waste and abuse. Financial statement fraud is the intentional misrepresentation of data in a company's financial records. Benefit fraud costs millions every year and it is us the working people who have to bear the cost of fraudsters.

The type of fraud you think they are committing.

A trained member of staff will take any information you can provide regarding people committing benefit fraud. By that i mean some form of proof like a statement that your spouse only used you for immigration coupled with proof that s/he returned to a previous spouse/fiance/etc or continued seeing. Employment details if the person is working. Fraud is a criminal offence involving false claims.