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Report Bank Fraud South Africa. On the one hand, the fraudsters went to the effort of porting thompson's number to a different network rather than just doing a temporary sim swap. A few new scams south africans need to be aware of.

These Are The Most Common Banking Scams In South Africa
These Are The Most Common Banking Scams In South Africa from
While sim swap fraud in south africa is sadly nothing new, thompson's case has a number of peculiarities that sets it apart from other reported incidents. She was arrested on the 30 september 2019, after the bank manager reported two complaints of unauthorised withdrawals from two clients' accounts which mahlatsi was sentenced to 6 years imprisonment for two counts of fraud of which 3 years is suspended for 5 years. South africa's banking industry was hit with a 1% increase in credit card fraud in 2017, which rose to r436.7 million, according to a south african.

On 14 september 2019 i have transferred he amount of r5000 with immediate he advised that due to the fraud, he was 10000 rand in debt with you.

Fraud and corruption are the two main killers of business in south africa. Bribery, corruption, forgery, fraud, theft and receipt of stolen property; This is just the tip of the iceberg and the reason why this video was removed from youtube, allegedly because of a copyright claim by sabc, though sabc has. Respondents were asked about trends in fraud typologies, challenges they are facing in mitigating threats, security in a digital age and how they are structuring.