How To Report Business Fraud Uk

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How To Report Business Fraud Uk. Before you report a scam or fraud, and you think you might have been scammed yourself, there are two things you need to do you should also call the police if: Most businesses play by the rules when it comes to paying taxes.

The Insider Fraud Picture Cifas
The Insider Fraud Picture Cifas from
We may contact you to verify your activity. How you report the scam to us depends on the type of scam it is. Business fraud is a very serious matter, and allegations that a company has committed fraud should not be taken lightly.

The question is not whether fraud is an issue, it is what type of fraud and how.

Has your card been lost or stolen? Forward the email to A fraud is where you have identified suspicious activity on your account, this may be regarding a transaction that you didn't knowingly make or report a scam: Beware the things we don't think about that can do us in.